April 19th, 2018 09:12pm

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September 12th, 2015

The Douglas County School Board race is in full swing. We had our first kick-off fundraiser last night, and we are laser beam focused to continue to work hard for your support and ultimately your vote. We know we cannot do this without you.

We wanted to share the accomplishments we've made over the last four years and would appreciate your help in getting the word out to your family, friends and neighbors because we know that FREEDOM works.

We attribute these results to the hard work of our students, to the extraordinary quality of our teachers and to the leadership and foresight of our parents. To see what freedom gives us is amazing.
  • Teachers are paid according to their classrooms' performance
  • We are retaining 94% of highly effective teachers
  • Teachers are paid based on the market-scarcity of their skill
  • We are the most charter-friendly school district in the state
  • We have no contract with the union and aren't collecting $1.3 million in dues that go to politicians
  • We have higher graduation rates - 88.9% and the district-wide average ACT score is 21.9 (with 500 more students taking the exam)
  • We provide complete fiscal transparency to the community, have decreased spending on executive administrators by almost 17% and spend 92% of our total spending on our students
  • The district also is accredited with "distinction" which is remarkable
  • We enjoy strong fiscal reserves for an economic downturn and have over $55 million in reduced or avoided property taxes.
Please let us know if you'd be willing to join our campaign so we can continue to achieve new and greater heights. We are your Conservative Choice for the Douglas County School Board. We would be honored to serve you once again.

Please like our Facebook page and look for our website soon.

Thank you.

Craig Richardson, Kevin Larsen and Rich Robbins