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2014 Douglas County GOP Assembly Results


March 23rd, 2014

Thank you to all the delegates and volunteers who spent much of yesterday at the 2014 Douglas County GOP Assembly participating in the political process at Castle View High School.  Your dedication to our county is appreciated and important!

Thank you also to the Republican volunteers who contribute their time and talents to make the assembly a success.

And finally, our sincere thanks to all the candidates who offer their service to our community and work hard and attend so many events so we can get to know them.

Delegates and alternates

If you were elected to state or CD6 assembly, please pay your delegate fees here. The deadline for payment is this Wednesday, March 26th.

The results of the March 22, 2014 DCGOP Assembly were as follows:
(names in bold/italics are candidates who met or exceeded the 30% threshold and will appear on the primary ballot)

Douglas County Commissioner
Dave Weaver - 61.3%
Stevan Strain - 38.6%

Douglas County Sheriff
Tony Spurlock - 50.4%
Lora Thomas - 24.8%
John Anderson - 24.6%

Douglas County Clerk & Recorder
Merlin Klotz - 100% - Uncontested

Douglas County Treasurer
Diane Holbert - 100% - Uncontested

Douglas County Assessor
Lisa Frizell - 100% - Uncontested

Douglas County Surveyor
Robert Snodgrass - 100% - Uncontested

Douglas County Coroner
Tracey Montano - 57.7%
Jill Romann - 42.2%

There were also a number of senate and house district assemblies conducted separately--but in conjunction with--the Douglas County GOP Assembly.  The results from those assemblies are:

Senate District 30
Chris Holbert - 100% - Uncontested

House District 43
Kevin Van Winkle - 100% - Uncontested

House District 44
Jack Hilbert - 100% - Uncontested

House District 45
Patrick Neville - 64%
Jack Arrowsmith - 36%

Congratulations to those candidates who were designated to the primary ballot, and thank you to all candidates for your offer to serve our county.

Craig Steiner, Chairman
Douglas County Republicans