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Solving Ilegal Immigration Problem
February 7th, 2013, by Dick Sides (District Captain 0)
For a long time, I have thoughts we should close our borders and send illigals back home. But now I have changed my mind. Instead, I have devised a plan that will resolve all of the problems created by illegal immigration. 1) Seal all borders so no one can enter the USA illegally. 2) Advise Mexico that we are deporting all illegals and declaring against...   Continue Reading Article...

Memorial Tribute
May 27th, 2012, by Dick Sides (District Captain 0)
I love the Memorial Tribute. I was drafted into the US Army for one day and then bounced out for obvious medical reasons. However, at work, I was involved for almost a quarter of a century with the US Air Force. Although I never flew a plane, the Air Force, after thoroughly examining my performance, considered my rank to be the equivalent of a three-star general. It...   Continue Reading Article...

How To Choose A President
October 30th, 2011, by Mark Baisley (Chairman)
I have concluded that the ultimate consideration for those vying for the office of President of the United States is their ideology surrounding the purpose, and therefore the size, of the federal government.  I researched those who have gone before them and found the following perspectives from four people who have served as President:“To provide legitimate services to our people; to...   Continue Reading Article...

The Folly of Principle Before Party
July 25th, 2011, by Mark Baisley (Chairman)
The following is an excerpt from my TownHall article at: http://finance.townhall.com/columnists/markbaisley/2011/07/24/the_folly_of_principle_before_party   I appeal to conservatives who are disappointed in Republican leadership to get even more involved with the GOP and to recruit your like-minded friends to join you in the struggle. Republicans are at a natural disadvantage because...   Continue Reading Article...

The "Independent" Myth
July 28th, 2009, by Chris Holbert (District Captain 22)
Do you think of yourself as being an “Independent” voter?  Do you prefer to vote for the person rather than a party? If so, please take a moment to consider why, in my opinion, “Independent” is a myth in Colorado. First, there is no such thing as an “Independent” voter registration in our state. While the phrase...   Continue Reading Article...

The New Republican Revolution
April 28th, 2009, by Craig Steiner (DCGOP Webmaster)
It's been almost six months since the 2008 election and the mainstream media continues to eulogize the Republican party. A six month eulogy? One could be forgiven for wondering if the party is really dead or whether someone is just trying to convince the public (especially Republicans) that it is.I think most conservatives know the answer to that.   Continue Reading Article...

Observations from the Tea Party and Lessons Learned
April 16th, 2009, by Steven Nielson (Secretary)
Crowd Control First and foremost, I have never seen Police Officers so relaxed during a large scale protest of between 5000-10,000 individuals. From my location, which was along Broadway, State Troopers and other officers were largely smiling, happily discussing issues with protesters, and generally at ease. At no time did I notice that police were on edge, even during the peak of the protest...   Continue Reading Article...

Tea Parties Strike a Nerve
April 15th, 2009, by Craig Steiner (DCGOP Webmaster)
I went to my first overtly political rally today. The Denver Tax Day Tea Party. The Denver Post estimated the crowd at 5000+.   Continue Reading Article...