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Saturday, March 22nd, 2014

The Douglas County Republican Assembly will be held at Castle View High School (5254 N Meadows Dr, Castle Rock, CO 80109, see map below) on Saturday, March 22nd, 2014. The legislative district assemblies will be held earlier in the morning before the county assembly begins.


2014 Assembly Schedule

Saturday, March 22nd, 2014
8:00am – Check-in Opens
8:30am – SD30 Assembly
9:30am – HD43/44/45 Assembles
10:30am – Break
11:30am County Assembly
$10 for Delegates/$0 for alternates

Saturday, April 5th, 2014 9:30am
6th Congressional Assembly
South Middle School
12310 E Parkview Drive
Aurora, CO 80011
9:30am (Doors open 8:30am)

Friday, April 11th 2014
Omni Interlocken Hotel, Broomfield, CO
12:15pm House District 39 Assembly
9:45am 4th Congressional District Assembly

Saturday, April 12th, 2014
Colorado Republican State Assembly
Boulder, CO

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Who are the candidates?

A list of candidates appears on the candidate page of this website.

What Happens at the County Assembly?

The County Assembly is a meeting of all the delegates and alternates elected at the 2014 Douglas County Republican Caucus.

County Office Designations. The County Assembly will meet to designate Republican countywide candidates for the primary ballot. Specifically, we will designate candidates for the offices of county commissioner, sheriff, clerk & recorder, assessor, treasurer, and coroner.

When the County Assembly votes on candidates for each of the above offices, candidates that receive 30% or more of the vote will be on the primary ballot, those that receive between 10% and 30% will not be on the ballot unless they get on the ballot by petitioning (collecting a lot of signatures), and those that receive less than 10% will not appear on the ballot and will not be eligible to use the petitioning method to get on the ballot. In the even that more than one candidate receives more than 30% of the vote, the order candidates appear on the primary ballot will depend on how many votes they got at the County Assembly.

Elections to Higher Assemblies. In addition to designating countywide candidates, the County Assembly will also elect delegates and alternates to represent Douglas County at "higher assemblies." Since some districts are comprised of an area that extends beyond Douglas County, the Douglas County Republican Assembly does not have the authority to designate candidates for those districts. Instead, the County Assembly elects delegates and alternates to represent Douglas County at additional assemblies for those districts. Those assemblies, made up of delegates from multiple counties, then vote to designate candidates for that district.

This year, the Douglas County Republican Assembly will elect delegates to the House District 39 Assembly, the 4th & 6th Congressional District Assembly, and to the State Assembly. (see below)

Resolutions. Finally, the County Assembly will vote on resolutions. Resolutions were voted on and submitted by each precinct caucus and were forwarded to the county party. A Resolutions Committee will review all the submitted resolutions, assess which resolutions seem to be common or popular, and will present a list of resolutions that embodies those resolutions at the County Assembly.

Resolutions to be voted on at the county assembly will be posted here about a week after caucus.

What Are Delegates and Alternates?

Delegates and alternates to the County Assembly were elected by each precinct at their caucus on March 4th. Both delegates and alternates should plan on attending the County Assembly.

At the County Assembly, delegates and alternates should check-in--that is, be "credentialed." They will receive their name tag and other assembly material.

Delegates will be seated immediately. Soon after the assembly begins, a review will be made of the delegates that haven't signed in. If a precinct is missing one or more delegates because they didn't attend, alternates for that precinct will be requested to take the place of the delegate. If more than one delegate is absent, alternates will be seated in the order of their ranking as determined at caucus.

Only delegates, and alternates seated in the place of absent delegates, may vote. However, alternates still have the opportunity to run for the opportunity to be a delegate or alternate at a higher assembly--so if an alternate wants to go to a higher assembly, the alternate should still attend the County Assembly even if he or she does not have the opportunity to take the place of a delegate.

Delegates and alternates to the Douglas County Republican Assembly are automatically delegates and alternates to the district assemblies for districts in which they live that lie entirely within Douglas County. In 2014, that's Senate District 30, House Districts 43, 44 and 45. If a delegate or alternate lives in one of those legislative districts, they're automatically a delegate or alternate to those district assemblies. The assemblies for those districts will be held at the same place and date as the County Assembly, but earlier in the morning. Delegates and alternates are strongly encouraged to attend all assemblies for which they are eligible.

Other Assemblies

The County Assembly, as mentioned above, is to designate candidates for countywide office, vote on resolutions, and elect delegates/alternates to other assemblies.

House District 39 consists of parts of Douglas County as well as Teller County. As such, Douglas County alone can't designate the candidate for HD39. Thus, delegates and alternates that live in HD39 will, at the County Assembly, elect delegates/alternates to attend the HD39 Assembly. Those that are elected will attend the HD39 Assembly on April 11th, 2014 to designate the Republican candidate to House District 39.

The 4th & 6th Congressional Districts consist of additional counties aside from Douglas. As such, Douglas County alone can't designate the candidate for CD4 and CD6. Thus, delegates and alternates that live in CD6 will, at the County Assembly, elect delegates/alternates to attend the 4th & 6th Congressional District Assembly. Those that are elected will attend the congressional district assemblies on April 5th (6th Congressional) or April 11th (4th Congressional).

The State Assembly will designate Republican candidates for the statewide offices of governor, U.S. Senate, treasurer, secretary of state, and attorney general. At the County Assembly, DCGOP districts will elect delegates/alternates to attend the State Assembly. Those that are elected will attend the State Assembly in Boulder on April 12th, 2014.

Getting Elected to Higher Assemblies

While delegates/alternates to the County Assembly are automatically delegates/alternates to the SD30, HD43, HD44, and HD45 Assemblies (assuming the delegate/alternate lives in that district), being a delegate/alternate to the HD39, 4th & 6th Congressional, 18th Judicial or State Assembly is not automatic.

At the County Assembly, the delegates and alternates will split up into their respective DCGOP districts. Each of the 37 districts will meet separately to elect the delegates/alternates from their district that will go to those higher assemblies.

Delegates and alternates have the opportunity to go to the higher assemblies if they're elected at county assembly. This is why it's important that alternates attend the assembly even if they aren't seated at the county assembly -- they can still be elected to higher assemblies.