October 22nd, 2017 04:46pm

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"Today, the Douglas County Republican Party endorsed Randy Mills, Ryan Abresch, Debora Scheffel, and Grant Nelson for the 2017 Douglas County School Board Election. Initially, the candidates requested that the party not become involved because they did not want the race to be about politics. However, after learning of $300,000 in spending on out-of-state political consultants by the DC-based American Federation of Teachers on behalf of the Kevin Leung, Krista Holtzmann, Chris Schor and Anthony Graziano, it appears that the CommUnity Slate/Dream Team is determined to bring big politics into this race.

"We are endorsing to help level the playing field and to expose Leung, Holtzmann, Schor, and Graziano’s deception to our community. They are not conservatives and do not hold Republican values. If you typically check the R box on the ballot, you should vote for Mills, Abresch, Scheffel, and Nelson. We hope all Republicans in Douglas County will join us in support of these four who are fighting for greater educational opportunities in our schools, to expand vocational education, to respect the choices parents and families make, to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars, and to recruit and retain the best teachers for our schools.

"Make no mistake, voting for Leung, Schor, Holtzmann, and Graziano will usher a new wave of radical liberal agenda into our schools. Don't let our county get shAFTed."


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